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.....Adopting in Almaty.....The Laura Edition......
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Wednesday 05.02.2001

Day 4

Jim awoke at 5am & couldn't sleep anymore. At 7am Jim watched BBC news 7 took a shower at 7:30. Got Sarah up just before 8am.
Jet lag seems to be affecting Sarah today. She only had a bite or two of toast with jelly. Jim had toast & a banana.
At 9am Don called form downstairs. We went down & got in the van (Sheila was there)
Igor drove us to Tatayana's office (Gulder Public Foundation)
We signed many papers (Jim signed Suze's name too)
Next we dropped Sheila & Don & another lady from Tatyana's office at BH#1, where Sheila's Benjamin was.
Meanwhile Tatyana left for the airport to fly to Astana (2 days)
Igor took Sarah & Jim to see Laura at BH#4. We played with her & her group outside in the trees & grass.
At 11:05 her group went inside, but Laura stayed with Sarah & Jim until Igor picked us up around 11:20.
We met Ludmilla, who speaks English.
We will go back to see Laura this afternoon.
Sarahís lying down now, as she doesn't feel quite right.

At 1pm, Sarah (who's still feeling blah) & Jim walked a couple of blocks to currency exchange, where Jim exchanged $100 into 14, 700 Tenge.
We then bought two 2 liter Pepsis for 200+ tenge.
We walked another block to the Fight Club 2 Internet cafe where we sent Suze some emails, many pix of Laura, & checked on Georgeís (2 hits since we left home)
Back at the apt, Sarah is lying down again & Jimís having some leftover veggies from last night's dinner.
In about an hour Igor will pick us up to go visit Laura again

Wednesday afternoon, Sarah & Jim went back to see Laura. We got there around 3:45pm and played with Laura outside the front door. At 4:00pm she was taken in to eat. About 15 minutes later, she joined us outside again. Sarah had been sitting on the sidewalk in shorts. Igor told us that Kazak kids never sit on the ground until July because it's "too loud". It was in the 80s yesterday. The orphanage workers kept "barking" about this to Igor & finally someone brought a chair out for Sarah.

A short time after Laura came out; the rest of her group (5 boys & 4 girls) came out. We all walked around the building and played outside in the grass and weeds in the back (like in the morning).
The workers had all the kids walking thru hula-hoops, playing with rings & doing exercises on a little table.
We played outside until 5pm.
Christina (oldest of the group) is very outgoing and kept playing with us.
Igor then took Sarah & Jim back to the apartment.
Sarah went right to bed, as she still wasn't feeling well.
At 7:20pm Olga & Edward came to fix dinner.
Dinner this time was salad, spicy carrot salad borscht (it was good) & flaky turnovers with meat & potatoes in them. Jim had borscht & one turnover the rest is in the fridge.
Jim got Sarah to take a chewable Tylenol, as she had a fever.
At 9pm Suze called right on schedule. We talked for about 15-20 minutes.
After that Sarah went to bed (on couch in living room since it on the opposite side of the apartment from the noisy traffic) after one more Tylenol.
Jim went to bed shortly thereafter.

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